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Thank you for showing an interest in educating yourself more about rehabilitation, recovery, and getting help. The first step is often the toughest one to take and we are infinitely proud of you for empowering yourself into making good choices for yourself and those around you.

In our own personal journeys to recovery and wellness, we approached organizations that had a truly lasting impact in our own story and the stories of so many others. In light of that, we would like to share some of those resources here.

Alcoholics Anonymous

This is one organization that we are pretty sure you have heard about. It continues to have massive representation in popular culture simply because it has helped millions of individuals overcome their struggles with alcohol addiction and even alcohol depression. They help to connect people with other individuals that help keep them accountable for their actions and decisions. After all, when you are overcoming something difficult having someone else—who is going through the same things—is truly helpful.

The National Rehabilitation Association

This is one of the oldest organizations that deal with disabilities and the actual profession of rehabilitation. This site provides a connection to people who can help and make it their business to better their methods for leading individuals to their proper wellness.

If you have your own sources that you would like to share with us, do let us know. As you may know, we are wholly dedicated in providing our readers with information that can help them with their struggles.