Rehabilitation & Pop Culture: Movies That Hit the Nail on the Head

Blog9 - Rehabilitation & Pop Culture: Movies That Hit the Nail on the Head

Movies often draw inspiration from real life. However, a lot of them tend to highly exaggerate or dramatize events. This can hardly be conducive to real-world lessons. Today, we look at movies that manage to convey what it is truly like to grapple with addiction.

Leaving Las Vegas

If you had no idea what rock bottom looked like for an alcoholic, Nicholas Cage’s performance here is a pretty stellar example of what it is like. In this film, he plays a suicidal alcoholic and his escapade in Las Vegas. One of the more critically acclaimed films to portray addiction, this film opened up the eyes of so many to what hopelessness and apathy were like when you decide to give in to your addiction.

Clean and Sober

One of the older films to discuss addiction to both drugs and alcohol; it directly tackles the process of a rehab. It gives audiences a better idea of what they can expect if they were ever to go into a rehabilitation facility. Of course, given the date of the movie, the processes have changed somewhat since then.  It still, gives audiences a pretty good sense of the patient’s feelings and sense of accomplishment at the end. This is something that many who undergo successful rehabilitation will tell you that they feel as well.

When a Man Loves a Woman

This film provides a sort of insight into what a family goes through to take care of each other when addiction is present. The character of Meg Ryan is hiding alcohol addiction from her husband. This is one movie that shows that addiction can happen to pretty much anyone. It does not pick a race or a gender. It could be anyone that you come across in the street—even those who you know lead pretty well off lives.

The Bottom Line

Movies are often a great tool to utilize when you are looking for lessons. It does not just provide a safe space for you to explore another person’s life. It also provides a spectator’s view that allows a different point of view into the ups and downs of recovery. While not all the films above discuss actual recovery, they are still provide a teachable moment for anyone who has come across addiction and the struggle with recovery.

What movie would you recommend for people to see if they wanted to watch something about addiction and recovery?