Consistency is Key: Three Reasons Why Aftercare Programs Are Critical

Blog6 - Consistency is Key: Three Reasons Why Aftercare Programs Are Critical

One of the universal truths about rehabilitation and recovery is that it is a never-ending process. Today, we take a look at three particular reasons why aftercare programs are critical.

What is an Aftercare Program?

The aftercare program is usually activated when someone is eligible for release from a rehab program. An aftercare program consists of clear guidelines and reminders for the patient to adhere to. It actually does not sound as imposing as it is. You can think of it as something to keep you highly accountable for your future actions.

So Why is it Important?

Here are a few of our personally felt reasons why aftercare programs are wholly critical:

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Provides proper support beyond the walls of a rehab institution

When you’ve come from a pretty bad place and found help in a rehabilitation institution, it can be quite daunting to be by yourself again. Substance abuse and even psychological illnesses often have longstanding effects on the actual physical chemistry of your body.

This can and will wreak havoc in your confidence to trust your judgments and ability to care for yourself. After all, if you were able to do that before, why’d you end up in rehab? An aftercare program helps to boost the ability of a former patient to care for themselves and empower the continuous road to recovery.

Lessens the likelihood of a relapse

An aftercare program will equip the patient with all the necessary reminders and lessons that they have picked up through the rehab program. Aftercare programs include specific schedules and milestones that a recovering person needs.

Provides safety nets in case of a close call

Anyone who has ever gotten tangled in anything that required actual rehabilitation will tell you that these are safety nets for any point in time that you feel like you might relapse. An aftercare program is usually made to suit the needs of patients—as based on their case history. Depending on what you needed rehab for, the sort of program you will be assigned to will vary.

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The Bottom Line

Aftercare programs are just as essential as going into rehab to regain your wellness. The aftercare program provides guidelines that may come off as strict but completely necessary. Once you have had a taste of addiction, it will always be a struggle to not relapse back into bad habits. It is a constant struggle that even those that went to rehab forty years ago will tell you. The proper planning and contingency plans that come with aftercare programs are needed for the continued well-being of anyone that underwent rehabilitation.

What three reasons of your own can you devise as to why aftercare programs are critical?