For Families: 4 Ways You Can Aid a Troubled Family Member

Blog8 - For Families: 4 Ways You Can Aid a Troubled Family Member

Families are often complicated. Family members come in various shapes and forms and some need more help than most. Today, we take a look at four ways you can aid a troubled family member.

Recognize there is a problem

There have been far too many tales of families who do not recognize that there is actually a problem. For example, one of our writers had an uncle that was both mentally unwell and a drug addict. Rather than getting him the help that was needed, the matriarch of the family simply refused to accept this truth until the day she died. Her son followed her around five years later.

Recognizing that there is a problem is the very first thing that must be done in order to provide help.

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Ascertain if an intervention is necessary

Clear your minds of any sort of interventions that you have seen on TV or in movies. Interventions are highly personal and often volatile situations. If you believe that an intervention is actually needed, do not go into it unprepared. You should obtain proper knowledge on how to go about it and do not do it by yourself. Obtain help from other members of your family and you can all prepare how to do the intervention properly.

Support proper recovery attempts

If the family member themselves is actively trying to get better, make sure that they are on the right path and support them. There are a lot of ‘recovery attempts’ that are actually improper. Help them by linking them to support groups and rehab establishments that have decent success rates.

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Tough love when needed

Recovery isn’t just for the afflicted family member. It is for everyone in the family. Think about it, would you be able to trust someone who has been notoriously terrible with their life choices? The thing is you and other family members will eventually have to do so again. While you are not there yet, it would be important to be strict yet kind. A person undergoing a difficult time will understandably want to struggle against sudden rules that they are put under.

The Bottom Line

Your words and actions can truly save a life. On the same vein, cutting words and actions can do more damage than you can imagine. Yes, everyone has their own burdens. This does not mean that those who struggle with either substance or psychiatric issues are not doing the best they can in the ways they know how. It may not seem like anything to you but they are asking for help. No one was born on into this earth wanting to be destructive or to be isolated.

What ways can you think of to help a troubled family member?