Finding Familiar Ground: 3 Common Questions Asked About Drug Rehab

Blog3 - Finding Familiar Ground: 3 Common Questions Asked About Drug Rehab

Rehabilitation for addictive substances like drugs can seemingly be surrounded by mist and mystery. After all, it isn’t exactly something that people read into unless drug addiction has entered their immediate sphere. Today, we would like to put forward three common questions that are often asked about the drug rehabilitation.

1: What Happens in Drug Rehab?

The answer to this can actually be fairly complex. However, they can be segregated into certain steps:

  • Detoxification – removal of any harmful and illegal substances in the body of the patient. Detox may take anywhere from a few days to a full week or so—depending on what was in the body.
  • Therapy – these are both done in individual and group sessions. The focus is to address any longstanding issues within the person through professional psychological aid.
  • Education – in order for a problem to not repeat itself, it is important to properly arm the individual on how to avoid the same situation and the substance effectively. The introduction of continual support groups are normally done in around this stage.
  • Aftercare – these normally involve plotting out a program for the patient to stick to in order to optimize their rehabilitation.

2: How Long Does Rehab Usually Take?

Every program is different. There are establishments that offer different sorts of programs with different lengths. The most common ones are 30 day programs—however, any professional will suggest that those aiming to undergo rehab stay there for at least 90 days. While the patient can choose how long they may stay, depending on the situation when they sign up for treatment, the medical professional overseeing the case may decide for them.

When you choose to undergo rehab, it is always important to remember that while rules and staff may seem super strict, it is ultimately for your own good. Submit yourself to the program no matter how hard it seems to be at the start.

3: What is the Cost of Drug Rehab?

Much like schools and hospitals, the cost will depend on where you go. While there are really expensive and super luxurious type rehab centers, there are also those that free. There can be establishments that cost around $200 a day to around $1000 a day.

It does not truly matter where you get help. What matters is that you get help, period.

The Bottom Line

Understanding more about the concept of drug rehab is the first of many steps that is needed to provide ample support to anyone that is struggling with it. When you actively learn more about what goes on with drug rehab, the better you can explain to someone that really needs it. While the topic can be quite intimidating at first, careful and consistent effort can be surely rewarding.

What questions do you have about drug rehab?