Righteous Concern: Four Worries We Keep Having About Rehab Programs

Blog4 - Righteous Concern: Four Worries We Keep Having About Rehab Programs

While we whole-heartedly support rehab and the good it brings, it is equally important to keep both eyes open. There are several worrying facts about rehab programs that exist today. No program is perfect of course. This does not, however, excuse any sort of severely lacking program that may actually do more harm than good in the long run.

We all came together and though about what we keep worrying about rehab programs through the years. Here are four things that we came up with.

Under Qualified Rehab Personnel

People in rehab need professional support. This refers to everyone they come across during their rehab progress—from check in to periodic aftercare checkups. As there can be quite a number of rehab establishments with programs that have very little funding, this can mean that the staff that run the place do not have the proper qualifications as most of them are volunteers.

pat - Righteous Concern: Four Worries We Keep Having About Rehab Programs

It would be great if the community got together to either pool together more funds or if the volunteers could eventually be certified professionals.

Unregulated Establishments

The road to recovery isn’t limited to a single path. There are a lot of different treatments through the years and more are popping up every year. Each offers their own style in order to entice people who find other programs ill-fitting toward their lifestyles or beliefs. As there is no one-size fits all style of rehab, it is very difficult to regularize.

As a consequence, there are a lot of establishments that are unregulated and are therefore not held accountable for any adverse effects they may have on their patients.

Outdated Programs

When it comes to updating their rehab programs, a lot of establishments lag behind. This can be due to a variety of reasons. It could be because of funding. It could also be due to the directive of the owners or board of directors of the establishment. There are a lot of varying factors but the end result is often the same. Patients are not afforded the best possible care and could be subjected to fairly outdated processes in healthcare.

Lack of Habitable Rehabs for the Lower Income Patients

Medicine is a business—as sad as that thought is. There are a lot of choices for higher end rehabs but very little options for those that come from the lower income brackets of society. It would be great if more rehabs become accessible to those that could not afford it but truly wanted to take charge of their wellness.

pat2 - Righteous Concern: Four Worries We Keep Having About Rehab Programs

The Bottom Line

In order to provide suitable care for those who need it, we need to hold establishments accountable for any lapses in their programs. Of course, it is not enough to keep them accountable. If we really want to sustain a community wherein everyone is getting the help that they need, we all need to lend a hand. It is important to be proactive in providing any help that you can for any rehab program that may be undergoing any of the aforementioned worries above.

When you really think about it, what worry do you have about rehab programs?